Glo West Nails is a natural nail salon. All manicures are waterless... Yes! We are concerned about the drought but we also want those digits to last! If we soak your nails before the manicure they will expand and when your nails go back to their normal size the polish has nothing to hold onto, then bye-bye manicure! 



The Standard: 25

Includes nail shaping and cuticle care. An aromatic sugar scrub and mask. Warm towels help those dry, tired hands soak up the essential oils of the mask. A relaxing hand massage and paint... those hands and nails won't feel so standard after this one-hour treatment. 

The Express: 20

For those on the go. All the essentials: nail and cuticle care and a perfect coat of paint. BOOM. You're out the door and ready for action in forty-five minutes. 

Built to Last: 35 

The express service, but with gel. Ready to roll in an hour and fifteen minutes.



Gel Removal: 10

Polish Change: 10

Nail Art: Lets talk!




The Standard: 40 

Includes a warm aromatic bath with essential oils, salt and suds. Nail and cuticle care. Callus work, which includes a salt or sugar scrub, and paddle scrub. A soothing and moisturizing mask, and a hot towel wrap allow the natural oils to soak in before the luxurious lower leg and foot massage. A fresh coat of paint... from tattered toes to dazzling digits in an hour and fifteen minutes. 

The Express: 35

Only time for a quick refresh? We can have you done and out the door in forty-five minutes. A soak in our signature bath. Nail and cuticle care. Callus work done with a paddle scrub. A fresh coat of paint and you will be on to your next event in forty-five minutes. Wether it's black tie, or the grocery store. 

Built to Last: 55

An express pedicure with gel. One hour and forty-five minutes. 


Can't make the APPOINTMENT? 

Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Cancellation with in 24 hours of your appointment will be charged $25. 

Thank you!