Restorative Nail Cream

Restorative Nail Cream


A real dream cream for nails. It replenishes and strengthens dry, cracked and brittle nails while restoring gel and acrylic damage.

  • Moisturizes and hydrates nails and cuticles
  • Conditions nails following gel or acrylic use
  • Adds moisture to nails that have been depleted of their natural oil balance
  • Works fast and absorbs quickly
  • Non-greasy

Infused with Florium Complex, our exclusive proprietary blend of natural botanical extracts and vitamins that promotes long, strong and healthy looking nails.

Helps improve the appearance of dry, weak and brittle nails.

Gluten-Free•  Cruelty-Free

  • Apply a small amount to nail and surrounding area twice a day. Massage in circular motions.
  • For best results, wear overnight with Londontown’s moisturizing gloves.
  • For additional pampering, combine with kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil.  Apply Restorative Nail Cream to condition and nourish then follow with Nourishing Cuticle Oil to soften and hydrate.  Wear enclosed gloves to seal in moisture.
  • May be used on bare nails or over polish.

Gloves enclosed. 

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