Valentine's Day Gift Guide

It is officially February, which means Valentine's Day is just two short weeks away!  If you're looking for a sweet gift, we have some suggestions.


Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil

A bath oil formulated with Moroccan Rose Otto Oil to nourish the skin and leave it lightly fragranced with roses. Rose Oil’s exquisite, sensual scent is also known for its stress relieving and soothing properties. 

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We have great gifts for the guy in your life, too!


Electric Shave Enhancer with Witch Hazel, Lavender &Rosemary

Designed for use with an electric razor or clippers, this lightweight, non-greasy balm provides superior skin conditioning for less irritation and an easier shave. Helps stiffen and prop up whiskers, prep the beard and reduce friction. Also soothes and calms skin. Dries fast, leaving no noticeable residue to clog the razor.

PureScience® formulas lock in nature’s best---using certified organic ingredients, with no parabens, fragrance or colorants. And, always dermatologist tested.

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