Natural Beauty Options

Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on your shampoo bottle or face wash and wondered how to even pronounce some of the words? Are you searching for more natural, healthy beauty options?  We do tons of research before getting new products in, and are always on the lookout for natural alternatives.

Neuma is a 100% USDA certified ORGANIC hair line.  Neuma hair products are made with 100% wind power and the packaging is made of at least 90% recycled materials.  The moisturizing shampoo & conditioner made our hair healthy and silky, and the styling products are amazing too!  Check out their incredible Surf Lotion to get those effortless tousled waves.

*NOTE: The company also only prints on new leaf paper!

Skincare has natural alternatives, too!  Ren is made in England and uses only 100% plant and mineral derived actives.  Their products are FREE of synthetic ingredients like sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colors, glycols, and more.  We love their Global Protection day cream and the Micro Polish Cleanser to keep our skin healthy and protected.

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