How to Winterize Your Hair and Skin

No matter what climate you live in, our skin and hair can change as winter approaches.  Even here in Southern California we have to deal with extremely dry skin and frizzy hair this holiday season.  But there are several simple solutions!  Here's how to prepare your skin and hair for winter...

Take Shorter Showers
Winter brings colder weather, and with it, dry skin and hair.  A warm bath or hot shower obviously sound incredibly blissful on a cold December night.  Although it's extremely important to stay hydrated, water can be drying on our skin and hair.  Try setting a timer and limit your bath time to 5 minutes.

Moisturize (Properly)
Keep your hands, feet, and limbs hydrated with super nourishing moisturizers like the glycerin-based body lotion by Yu-Be, and Ahava's Dermud Nourishing Body Cream.  And when you step out of the shower, don't dry off completely!  Moisturizing immediately after bathing when there's still a little water on your skin will actually help soak it up better.

Don't Forget About Your Lips!
Investing in a good lip balm can save you this winter.  We love Coola's organic lip balm with SPF, or the Vita Mineral Lip Balm by REN.  Remember to protect against winter sun and wind.

Wear Proper Makeup
A moisturizing foundation can make a world of a difference, like the LUXE line by Glo Minerals.  Or, if you're in love with your current foundation, try mixing it with a super hydrating moisturizer (equal parts of each).  Consider using a cream blush this winter, like "Fig" by Glo Minerals, as powders can often lead to cakiness and unwanted flakiness.

Hair Mask or Oil Treatment
Flakey scalp?  Dry, unmanageable hair?  A weekly oil treatment like Phyto's Botanical Scalp Treatment, or a nourishing mask by Moroccanoil or IT'S A 10 can make a world of a difference.  Massage the product into your scalp and disperse all the way to your ends, leaving on for 10 to 20 minutes.


We hope these quick tips are helpful for you this winter.  Feel free to share your own suggestions or advice below!


-- Katie

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